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VR for Your Community 

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Using Virtual Reality in Your Senior Living Community 

Virtual reality can benefit brain health, social interaction, and mental wellness for older adults by transporting residents to travel destinations, art shows and music concerts, animal and nature scenes, and more. But off-the-shelf options clearly weren't made for older adults or their carers: that's where we come in. 


Viva Vita is made for those who say "Oh, I'm not too tech-savvy," so that the world-expanding power of VR can be enjoyed by all: residents, staff, and visiting family alike! 


Your Viva Vita Kit will be delivered turn-key and ready to go. Included in your Kit is a padded backpack, easy-to-clean Pico headset(s), an android tablet to view and remotely control the headsets for your residents, and our library of nearly 100 virtual reality experiences ready to enjoy. 


Schedule a demonstration below for a free consultation and to see how it works. Prefer to receive more info and stick to email? Submit a contact form

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We look forward to meeting you soon! 

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