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‘So, You’re Thinking of Becoming a Care Worker?’

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In recent years, there’s been an unprecedented demand for manpower within the care

industry. The world’s aging population means there is a growing need for more people to offer their services in social care, in order for these people to receive the help they need.

However, a career in care won’t be right for everyone since it requires a very particular set of skills. The unpredictability of the role and the unique tasks involved make it a challenging vocation. But, at the same time, helping people to live more fulfilling, healthy lives is a truly rewarding occupation, and there are vast opportunities for career progression within the industry.

If you think you may be right for the role or are simply interested in finding out more about what a career as a carer may look like, Home Instead has produced a useful guide to give you everything you need to know.

It outlines some of the core skills and values any carer will need to hold, as well as some of the most common reasons why people choose this vocation. The guide also includes some facts and stats highlighting the growing need for carers. For instance, it’s estimated that around 500,000 more care workers are required to meet the rising demand, with 1.7 million more adults expected to need social care by 2037. If you’re interested in finding out more about this rewarding career, read this comprehensive and informative guide.


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