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How to Make Your Community Stand Out with Virtual Reality

Updated: May 23, 2023

Using virtual reality can be an innovative way to enhance the experience of senior living communities and set them apart from others.

Here are some ways to make your senior living community stand out in 2023 using virtual reality:

1. Virtual Social Events: Host virtual social events for residents. VR technology can simulate a social environment that can be difficult to replicate in person,

especially during a pandemic. This can include virtual game nights, movie screenings, and even virtual travel experiences.

2. Virtual Exercise Classes: Offer virtual exercise classes for residents. This can be an excellent way to promote physical activity among seniors, especially those who may have mobility issues. VR technology can provide a fun and engaging way to exercise without leaving the community.

3. Virtual Reality Therapy: Offer virtual reality therapy sessions for residents who may have anxiety or depression. VR technology can simulate relaxing environments, such as a beach or forest, to help residents feel more calm and relaxed.

4. Virtual Tours: Offer virtual tours of your senior living community. This can help prospective residents and their families get a feel for the community without having to physically visit. VR technology can create an immersive experience, allowing viewers to navigate through the different living areas and amenities of the community.

5. Virtual Reality Training: Provide virtual reality training for staff members. This can be a valuable tool for training new employees on best practices and emergency procedures.

Incorporating virtual reality technology into your senior living community can enhance the overall experience for residents and make your community stand out in 2023.


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