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International Goof Off Day: It’s Always a Good Time to Celebrate!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Let's celebrate getting older! As each year passes in our lives, many people tend to look

back on our more youthful days, often with nostalgia and sometimes longing to go back to a time in which we believe we were more energetic in both mind and spirit. However, I am here to remind everyone that this does not have to be the case if we do not want it to be. No matter our age or the amount of time that has passed, we can always experience excitement, wonder, and joy through memorable occasions we create for ourselves. International Goof Off Day serves us all as a reminder that we are allowed to goof off at any stage in life and have fun!


International Goof Off Day was this last Monday, March 22nd. To

commemorate this national holiday, many people of all ages decided to engage in wacky, silly, and fun activities.


A good example of a fun way to enjoy National Goof Off Day was made

by Dogwood Pointe Senior Living, based in Milan, Tennessee. A group of the seniors living there spent the day doing a variety of fun activities to pay recognition to the holiday. Some of these activities included making beaded bracelets, having a "Ladies and Gentlemen's Tea," and dressing up in feather boas to watch classic comedic films These are just some of the millions of ideas one can do on their own or with their loved ones to commemorate National Goof Off Day. However, while National Goof Off Day is the perfect occasion to engage in these activities, it is important to remember that every day can be treated as National

Goof Off Day!

Every day should be celebrated, and all occasions can be fun,

special, and memorable if you make the decision to make them so.

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