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Seniors of D.C. Series | Part #1

These gentlemen have known each other for 38 years! They met not too far from the area where we ran into them (Dupont Circle). Dick Mun, the 83-year-old gentleman on the right came to DC with Jimmy Carter in 1976.

He worked for him in Georgia for a little while and then moved to DC where he’s enjoyed himself ever since. Dupont Circle reminds him a little of Paris, and he exclaimed that it had been years since he had sat here!


Robert, the gentleman on the left, met Dick down here in DC and he used to go to school here years ago. The school used to be called Hawthorn and it was right near the National Geographic Building.  

He’d come up to Dupont Circle and eat lunch.⁠⠀

Both of them have been visiting Dupont Circle forever, and they live closeby. We ran into them on a fortunate day, as this was the first time they had visited in years.

Hearing stories from people is amazing because you never know what they’ve done. Who knew these two had known each other for as long as 38 years!?  

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