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Seniors of D.C. Series | Part #3

We ran into Jonathon Posner on the George Washington University campus, and he said he was visiting his school after more than 30 years being away.⁠ 

 An alumnus of the school, Jonathon was a political science major and lived right down the road in one of the residence halls, Lafayette Hall, which was then: Calhoun Hall.  

Part of the class of 1978, Jonathon expressed “I received a great education here, it’s surreal being back here. I’m heading towards Quigly (Tonic). It’s just so surreal being here, the butterflies I had in college, I have that right now. It’s an amazing feeling to have. This campus turned into a beautiful campus. It was originally a commuter school. We didn’t have computers, we didn’t have google maps. I came here with a transistor radio, an alarm clock, and a typewriter. That’s what we came to school with. My father’s air force bag, a rucksack kinda bag, was what I carried all my stuff in and I had never been away from home for a single day in my life.”  

After his college, Jonathon moved to Boston and spent 35 years working in healthcare. He successfully built and sold an ambulance company.⁠ 

Walking through campus, we had no idea who we were going to meet. But we ran into Jonathon right near the GWU Hippo.  

Stories are extremely powerful, and it was such a pleasure hearing Jonathon’s. Help us spread stories, by submitting a story through email at or DM on Instagram!⁠

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