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Seniors of D.C. Series | Part #2

David moved to DC in 1975, started his business in 1980, and has been running his hair studio for 39 successful years. Originally from France, he describes DC as a “beautiful city that has grown over the years and has become extremely sophisticated, very similar to a European city.”⁠

⁠Connecting with your customers is definitely easier when you can speak 5 languages, and David is happy about the fact that he is right in the middle of everything happening. With the IMF and World Bank right around the corner, he has had the opportunity of meeting different people and listening to their stories.⁠

In fact, he has clients from around the world, which is something that he enjoys quite a lot. “Every day is a surprise, you never know who you will meet.”  

In his illustrious career, David has had important people like Chief Justice John Roberts, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and numerous senators and ex-senators. He has also had the Managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde at his hair studio.⁠

Go support a local DC business by visiting: David’s Hair Studio (, 1918 I St, NW, Washington DC 20006.⁠

If you’re interested in being featured/featuring someone you know, be sure to reach out to us through email at our DM us on Instagram @vivavita.vr.⁠

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