Meet The Viva Vita Team!

Viva Vita is composed of a youthful and dynamic team of innovative members who are passionate to breakthrough the virtual reality industry for seniors. Let’s meet the two team leaders behind Viva Vita!  

Let’s meet the two team leaders behind Viva Vita!

Meet Carleigh!

Carleigh Berryman is a recent graduate of George Washington University, where she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and senior mental wellness.  

As the current CEO of Viva Vita Carleigh wants to bring virtual reality to retirement communities and senior individuals for engaging experiences that promote brain health and community fellowship.  

Meet Gavin!

Gavin Cornelius is a social entrepreneur and business developer with experience in project and financial management.   

After graduating from Seton Hall University, Gavin joined Carleigh as the Chief Operating Officer in Viva Vita’s mission to bring the world of virtual reality to seniors to empower them to live longer, happier lives. 

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