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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is an innovative technology rising in popularity which provides users with a visually stimulating environment that allows for interaction with a unique and appealing reality. Just by putting on a headset, users can travel around the world, learn new skills, or simply relax with a fully immersive, virtual experience!

How does VR Work?

Typically, VR is facilitated through a goggle-like head mount, which completely covers one’s eyes. Once this headset is on and activated, the user is completely transported to an alternate universe. The system is capable of detecting the user’s head movements and provides them with a full 360 degree experience. VR is often supplemented with music and other sound effects to further immerse the user.

How is VR used?

Since its invention in 1957, VR has largely been used for entertainment purposes, such as video and film experiences and video gaming; however, recently, VR has been used in a more professional context. Currently, VR is being used for medical and military training, real estate showings, and other job-specific modules and orientations. Here at Viva Vita, we’re incorporating virtual reality into our mission to improve the daily lives of seniors.

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