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Who Is Viva Vita?

In 2019, Carleigh Berryman had an idea that would catalyze a change for the mental health of seniors. She watched her grandmother, Glenda, age each year and not be able to enjoy experiences as she did in previous years. One day, Glenda shared with Carleigh that she had no reason to “get out of the bed in the morning.” Carleigh wanted to help her Granny and hundreds of other grannies and grandpas improve their mental wellness and quality of life. Thus, Viva Vita was established to bring virtual reality (VR) to retirement communities for engaging experiences that promote brain health and community fellowship.

Our services and products make it easy and accessible for seniors to travel, relax, and learn in VR from the comfort of their residence. We offer fully facilitated sessions as well as the option to make VR a permanent amenity for a community or home. Retirement communities can book a Viva Vita facilitator to share about the world of VR for an engaging introduction. Similarly, communities and seniors at home can soon purchase their kit with VR equipment, remote control functionality, and a convenient maintenance package. Our new at-home product will be coming in Fall 2020!

Our product and service empowers seniors and their caregivers to capture the numerous benefits that VR presents for older adults and leverage the world-expanding power of this technology for better mental wellness. By bringing this novel form of cognitive exercise to seniors, we can help alleviate conditions common among older adults, such as late-life depression and chronic pain. Research has even shown that VR can improve the health of those with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Today, Viva Vita is made up of a youthful team of innovators and dynamic team members passionate to break through the virtual reality industry for seniors.

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